In memoriam

Streetsblog does many things well and it is worth following even if you don’t live in one of its member cities (New York, LA, San Francisco, and DC). But one of its most important roles is increasing awareness of street safety. Streetsblog tracks every fatal crash in New York and reports what happened, how it happened, and the consequences. Rarely are charges filed against drivers who kill people walking and cycling on New York streets. These incidents, which have clear causes, are chalked up as accidents and those of us who are not directly affected go on with our lives.

This is simultaneously shocking and unsurprising. We have created a culture where people operate deadly weapons in our cities without any meaningful responsibility for not killing other people.

Please take a moment to review this year’s In Memoriam. Think about the cost of cars in our cities. Consider whether it’s worth it. Is it reasonable to make driving less convenient if it means we kill fewer people? Or should we just keep ignoring this and accept it as a cost of motorized convenience?

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